Waiting on…The Heir by Kiera Cass

First of all, many thanks to Andi at Andi’s ABCs for being such an amazing book-pusher! I read this series on her insistence and I absolutely loved it. As a matter of fact, I JUST finished book three in The Selection Series, The One, and for some reason I had forgotten that Kiera Cass is releasing a fourth book that takes place 20 years later. My reaction when I remembered that I would be able to read more of this story looked a little something like this…


And this time…it’s a PRINCESS who gets to pick from a group of suitors. Oh heck yeah…


I’m pretty excited for this series to continue and I can’t wait to see what’s been happening with Maxon and America over the past 20 years! I mean, the last book ended and I just wanted to know MORE! Did the big plan for the castes Maxon and America were working on actually happen? What happened to the other girls of The Selection? How does America adjust to living life as a royal? Hopefully The Heir will answer all this and more, because I seriously cannot get enough of these books!


23019291The Heir by Kiera Cass
Publication: 5/5/2015 by Harper Teen
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Twenty years ago, America Singer entered the Selection and won Prince Maxon’s heart. Now the time has come for Princess Eadlyn to hold a Selection of her own. Eadlyn doesn’t expect her Selection to be anything like her parents’ fairy-tale love story. But as the competition begins, she may discover that finding her own happily ever after isn’t as impossible as she always thought.


Review: Forbidden by Kimberley Griffiths Little

As a child I was always fascinated with ancient Middle East. I think it all started with my obsession with belly dancing and the colorful outfits with the sashes the jingle as the dancer sways her hips. But as I got older I started to appreciate the more intricate details of the culture. The ancient traditions and spellbinding customs, the deep rich colors found in the spices, flowing materials and intricate architecture. Even the romanticism of a wide open desert and all the adventure that awaits, completely appeals to my wanderlust. Needless to say, I was pretty psyched when I heard about forbidden.

Forbidden collage

The research that went into this book is clearly evident in the details and world-building of the story. The way the author builds the landscape, describes the social customs and religious beliefs…even the way she details the women’s dresses and jewelry, truly show what comittment she had to making sure that every little detail was just right. As a reader, I really appreciated that. It helped me to be more invested as I was reading and in turn, allowed me to enjoy the story more.

We meet Jayden and the girl has been through some rough stuff! I mean, imagine all the worst things that could happen to you and that’s pretty much what she’s been through. Everything seems to fall apart at once and I couldn’t help but feel immediate sympathy for her. Jayden goes through some serious range of emotions and reactions to what’s happening around her, and I can’t say I blame her. I’m hoping that she continues to grow more confident and strong in the subsequent books because for most of Forbidden I found myself wishing that she would stop being so wishy-washy. One minute she’s scared and timid, and then next minute she’s aggressive and head strong. Buuuut…given Jayden’s situation I think the author did a good job of allowing the character to grow into her strength and uncover what she’s truly made of. I appreciate that Jayden didn’t go from one extreme to the other in the blink of an eye. It made the her character’s progression more believable.

One aspect that didn’t quite click with me 100% was the romance. While, it certainly wasn’t insta-love, I don’t feel like I got enough back story as to HOW the romance developed. Sure, Kadesh is super swoony and gives Jayden the total opposite of what she’s forced into with Horeb, but part of me felt like she would have fallen in love with any guy who showed even the smallest bit of respect and affection. I really wanted to understand what it was that drew Jayden and Kadesh together. Don’t get me wrong, there were so many aspects of this romance that I was really drawn to…I just need a little more detail. Granted, the guy really did step up to the plate for a family of total strangers and became the leader they all needed, so I can’t really blame Jayden for falling for him…hard.

I also would have liked more development when it came to Kadesh’s back story as well, but I have a sneaking suspicion that we’ll learn more about his past in future books. He appears out of nowhere (literally) with this vague story about where he comes from and he’s immediately shrouded in mystery. What glimpses we do get of his past are super intriguing and I’m really hoping we get some more.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book for its detail, and I really felt as though I learned a bit more about ancient Mesopotamia. There aren’t many YA books out there that take place during this time period. According to The Age of YA timeline courtesy of Epic Reads, it’s actually one of the few books set during this time, 1759 BC to be exact. It made for a unique setting for a historical young adult novel and I’m now itching for more. I also enjoyed the story of Jayden and Kadesh and look forward to learning more about their pasts and how they are going to navigate their future together.

Love It


source: goodreads

source: goodreads

Forbidden by Kimberley Griffiths Little
Published: November 4th 2014 by Harpercollins
Pages: 397 | Format: Hardcover | Source: Purchased

In the unforgiving Mesopotamian desert where Jayden’s tribe lives, betrothal celebrations abound, and tonight it is Jayden’s turn to be honored. But while this union with Horeb, the son of her tribe’s leader, will bring a life of riches and restore her family’s position within the tribe, it will come at the price of Jayden’s heart. 

Then a shadowy boy from the Southern Lands appears. Handsome and mysterious, Kadesh fills Jayden’s heart with a passion she never knew possible. But with Horeb’s increasingly violent threats haunting Jayden’s every move, she knows she must find a way to escape—or die trying. 

With a forbidden romance blossoming in her heart and her family’s survival on the line, Jayden must embark on a deadly journey to save the ones she loves—and find a true love for herself.

Set against the brilliant backdrop of the sprawling desert, the story of Jayden and Kadesh will leave readers absolutely breathless as they defy the odds and risk it all to be together.

Exquisite Captive Giveaway: Granting Wishes All Month Long

Welcome to Day 8 of the Exquisite Captive Blogger Caravan Giveaway Relay! I’m so excited to host today’s giveaway of one hardcover copy of Exquisite Captive by Heather Demetrios, as well as a signed book-plate!


First things first! I’d like to announce yesterday’s winner! Congratulations to…


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Waiting on…Magonia by Maria Dahvana Headley

From the moment I saw Margot and Aubry debut the cover of this book on Tea Time a couple of weeks ago (click link, starts at 10:45), I knew I needed to learn more. I immediately had a deep love (ok obsession) for this cover. It’s like the heavens parted and the cover art gods sent down this perfect little delicious morsel just for me. I was in awe…


Since the ladies were just sharing their favorite new covers for summer 2015, they didn’t really go in to details, so I ran right over to Goodreads to get more info. It was while reading the synopsis of the book that I had a true moment. A moment in which I said to myself, “Sarah…I think you’re going to love this one!”…


You’re probably wondering why I’ve enlisted the help of these super-swoony boys for this week’s Waiting on Wednesday. First of all, I’m always looking for excuses to post picture of good-looking dudes. But more importantly, thinking about this book gives me a lot of feelings, and so do these gifs, so I thought it would be the nice pairing. Perfectly justified right!?

Now…keep scrolling down and read all about this book!  An epic battle brewing between two worlds, sudden powers, blossoming romance and flying ships!
Did somebody say flying?



11534317Magonia by Maria Dahvana Headley
Publication: 4/28/15 by HarperCollins
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Neil Gaiman’s Stardust meets John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars in this groundbreaking fantasy about a girl caught between two worlds…two races…and two destinies.

Aza Ray is drowning in thin air.

Since she was a baby, Aza has suffered from a mysterious lung disease that makes it ever harder for her to breathe, to speak—to live.

So when Aza catches a glimpse of a ship in the sky, her family chalks it up to a cruel side effect of her medication. But Aza doesn’t think this is a hallucination. She can hear someone on the ship calling her name.

Only her best friend, Jason, listens. Jason, who’s always been there. Jason, for whom she might have more-than-friendly feelings. But before Aza can consider that thrilling idea, something goes terribly wrong. Aza is lost to our world—and found, by another. Magonia.

Above the clouds, in a land of trading ships, Aza is not the weak and dying thing she was. In Magonia, she can breathe for the first time. Better, she has immense power—and as she navigates her new life, she discovers that war is coming. Magonia and Earth are on the cusp of a reckoning. And in Aza’s hands lies the fate of the whole of humanity—including the boy who loves her. Where do her loyalties lie?

Maria Dahvana Headley’s soaring YA debut is a fiercely intelligent, multilayered fantasy rich with symbolism and steeped in allegory. Her John Green–meets–Neil Gaiman approach to character development and world building will draw readers of all genres, who will come for the high-concept journey through the sky and stay for the authentic, confused, questioning teen voices. Jason and Aza’s fight to find each other somewhere between sky and earth is the perfect anchor for Headley’s gorgeous, wildly vivid descriptions of life in Magonia.

Exquisite Captive Blogger Caravan Relay Giveaway!

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Waiting on….A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Gray

I’ve noticed that most of my “Waiting on Wednesday” picks recently have been books that won’t be released for like six or eight months, and it’s been torturous to know I have to wait soooo long for some of my most anticipated releases. So this week I decided to focus on a book that releases in less than two weeks!


I first heard of a Thousand Pieces of you during the most recent Tea Time ARC Party and as the cover was revealed and then the summary of the book explained, I went through a whole range of emotions! Here’s T.Swift re-enacting that moment of discovery!

Wait…what? This cover is really, really, really ridiculously good-looking!


Ummm…did you say a parallel universe? I’d love to hear more!


SQUEEEE..this book sounds AMAZING! I can has now? 


Pssst….go here to learn more about the amazing pre-order swag you can get if you’re one of the first ten people to get your order in at the locations listed. I’m pretty excited because I was pre-order #2 at the location I contacted! The swag includes a signed cover art poster, a signed book-plate as well as buttons and stickers!! The cover of this book is sooooo gorgeous and I just know the swag is going to be epic!


source: goodreads

source: goodreads

A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Gray
Publication: 11/4/14 by Harper Teen
Pre-order this book

Every Day meets Cloud Atlas in this heart-racing, space- and time-bending, epic new trilogy from New York Times bestselling author Claudia Gray.

Marguerite Caine’s physicist parents are known for their radical scientific achievements. Their most astonishing invention: the Firebird, which allows users to jump into parallel universes, some vastly altered from our own. But when Marguerite’s father is murdered, the killer—her parent’s handsome and enigmatic assistant Paul—escapes into another dimension before the law can touch him.

Marguerite can’t let the man who destroyed her family go free, and she races after Paul through different universes, where their lives entangle in increasingly familiar ways. With each encounter she begins to question Paul’s guilt—and her own heart. Soon she discovers the truth behind her father’s death is more sinister than she ever could have imagined.

A Thousand Pieces of You explores a reality where we witness the countless other lives we might lead in an amazingly intricate multiverse, and ask whether, amid infinite possibilities, one love can endure.

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Jill at Breaking The Spine.

Waiting on…The Fill-In Boyfriend by Kasie West

When this cover reveal hit Twitter I literally gasped! I know, I know…it has headless models! Some people despise them, but I am absolutely loving this cover. The font is perfection, her outfit is adorable (MUST HAVE those booties) and that SUN FLARE (my heart) is ridiculous! Plus, the title is super-cute and the synopsis has me totally intrigued! It sounds quirky, fun and swoony – which is the perfect YA combo in my world.

I absolutely adored The Distance Between Us (review) and thought On The Fence (review) was fun and quick read, so I’m really excited to see what Kasie West brings us with her latest novel. In the meantime, I’ll just be staring lovingly at the cover!


source: goodreads

source: goodreads

The Fill-In Boyfriend by Kasie West
Expected publication: 5/5/15 by HarperTeen
Pre-order this book

When Gia Montgomery’s boyfriend, Bradley, dumps her in the parking lot of her high school prom, she has to think fast. After all, she’d been telling her friends about him for months now. This was supposed to be the night she proved he existed. So when she sees a cute guy waiting to pick up his sister, she enlists his help. The task is simple: be her fill-in boyfriend— two hours, zero commitment, a few white lies. After that, she can win back the real Bradley.

The problem is that days after prom, it’s not the real Bradley she’s thinking about, but the stand-in. The one whose name she doesn’t even know. But tracking him down doesn’t mean they’re done faking a relationship. Gia owes him a favor and his sister intends to see that he collects: his ex-girlfriend’s graduation party — three hours, zero commitment, a few white lies.

Just when Gia begins to wonder if she could turn her fake boyfriend into a real one, Bradley comes waltzing back into her life, exposing her lie, and threatening to destroy her friendships and her new-found relationship.

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Jill at Breaking The Spine.