Fangirl Friday: Craft’ed Bookmarks

I was wracking my brain over the holiday season, trying to think of the perfect gifts to get my bookish buddies. Whenever I find myself seriously stumped for gift ideas I always turn to my trusted friends at Etsy! You can legitimately find ANYTHING there, whether it’s for yourself or a friend, the perfect gift is always waiting.

You can imagine my glee when I stumbled upon the shop for Craft’ed…a gloriously quirky and adorable store of handmade magnetic bookmarks. As I started to scroll through the options available I knew I’d struck gold. I’m sure you can guess by now that I bought ALL OF THE BOOKMARKS and gave them as gifts, and let me tell you, people loved them! I mean, check out the selection!


Even better is that this store was created by two besties who turned their mutual love of crafting into something so much more. I had the chance to get to know Erica and Diana of Craft’ed after my slew of fangirl tweets over their bookmarks, and decided to have a little informal Q&A so we could all get to know them a little better!

Pssst! Keep reading after the Q&A for a special treat for ALL of my readers!
Plus…a chance to win some amazing prizes!



How did you come up with the idea for Craft’ed?

We have been friends since high school and always had a mutual affinity for crafting! Anything from scrapbooking, dollar store trips to find inspiration on what to make next, knitting, crocheting, gift giving ideas, to Halloween costumes! One day, Diana came up with the idea to give her boyfriend a set of polaroid magnetic bookmarks as he loved polaroid cameras! Other people at craft fairs liked our bookmark idea and wanted them as well! From that point on, the addiction started and we have been creating new designs, focusing on magnetic bookmarks and cards 🙂

Where do you come up with the ideas for designs? Are they fandoms that you’re already a part of or are they inspired by other things?

A bit of both! Diana is the master designer and is always coming up with fun inspirations. Recently, we looked to our Instagram followers to figure out which designs might be the most popular! From that, came our New York and London bookmarks. Thanks Instagrammers!

What are some of your personal all-time favorite designs?

It’s so tough to decide since we love them all!!! Diana especially loves the Paris set 🙂 Erica loves the snail mail and nurse sets!!

What has been your favorite memory or experience since you started Craft’ed?

Our favourite memory has probably been our very first craft fair!!! That’s when we first starting selling our bookmarks, along with other stuff too – knitted/crocheted items, ornaments, and notebooks! The thrill of a first sale, someone loving what you made, is a pretty amazing feeling. Since then, we LOVE going to craft fairs! It’s so fun meeting customers and hearing what they think!!!

What does 2015 have in store for Craft’ed? Any new designs or products on the horizon that you’d like to share with your fans?

Funny you ask, we have just created a new design plan for 2015, full of funny, cute, and inspirational bookmarks! Most geared towards readers, some geared towards planners. We have a VERY special different product that may come later in the year, but we’ll keep that one a surprise 😉


So, now that I’ve hyped up these adorable and amazing bookmarks, you totally want a set of your very own don’t you? Well, thankfully Erica and Diana are super generous (thank you ladies!!) and they’ve provided a COUPON CODE for 10% off at their Etsy store to all of my lovely readers! All you have to do is enter the following code when you’re checking out and the discount will be applied! The coupon code is….WHATSARAHREAD10

And to make this Fangirl Friday post even MORE epic…

Giveaway Header

I’ll draw one name for a GRAND PRIZE giveaway where the winner (US OR CANADA) can choose $20 (US Dollars) worth of product from the Craft’ed store on Etsy! That’s right, you’ll go online and select which products you want, I’ll order them and they’ll be delivered right to your door!!

But wait…there’s MORE! Again, thanks to the generosity of Erica and Diana, I have TWO MORE amazing prizes (US & CANADA)! I’ll draw a second name and that person will win this set of London-themed bookmarks. The latest design in their perfectly adorable line-up!


After that, I’ll draw a third name and they’ll receive this seriously cute cactus bookmark.



Find Craft’ed online at: Etsy / Website / Twitter
Instagram / Facebook / Pinterest


Fangirl Friday: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

I’m SO excited about today’s Fangirl Friday post!! Pretty much the most excited ever! Why am I so excited you ask? Well, I’ll tell you! Not only do I have three mini-reviews for some perfect holiday reads, but I also have a very special announcement that I think you’re all going to be very excited about. Make sure you read to the end…you won’t want to miss a thing!


Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been reading some holiday-themed books to get me in the spirit of the season! It all started when Bloomsbury Spark kindly sent me an eGalley of Mistletoe and Mr. Right, and after that I wanted to read all of the holiday romances! They’re just so warm and fuzzy and filled with festive, swoony moments. If you’re looking for some holiday cheer in book form, I highly recommend these three winners!


Many thanks to Bloomsbury Spark for gifting me with an eGalley of Mistletoe and Mr. Right a few weeks ago! It was just the book I needed to put me in the holiday spirit! It’s the story of Jessica, a college Junior, as she follows her sexy Irish boyfriend home for Christmas, bound and determined to finally figure out if they have a future together. When she arrives in Ireland she quickly realizes that things don’t always work out the way we plan, and she’s faced with the prospect of an uncertain future.

I really enjoyed this holiday novella for its humor and romance but had a hard time at first getting on board with Jessica’s obsession with securing a future with her less than attentive boyfriend. I just wanted her to drop the zero and carve out a path for herself. Luckily she makes a new friend while in Ireland who helps her to discover the true meaning of love while also discovering herself. Mistletoe and Mr. Right is a quick and fun holiday read, and for that reason I’m giving it three holiday happy elves!


Yours for Christmas was another novella that filled me with all sort of feels and holiday cheer! Bailey is a single mom looking for a fresh start and doing everything she can to avoid falling for the super dreamy Kenny, a former NFL player. Eventually, the two end up working together on a holiday toy drive and their chemistry is unavoidable. They both have some pretty heavy issues they’re trying to work through individually, but will that prevent them from being together?

Yours for Christmas is a perfect holiday romance that delves into some deeper issues but still manages to stay light and easy to read. I loved the chemistry between Bailey and Kenny, and I just wanted them to get over their stuff and realize they were perfect for each other! I’m giving this novella four holiday elves because the story was compelling and the sizzle factor was super high!


Snow Angel Cove is a full-length holiday romance that started off a little slow for me but once the story got going it really sucked me in. Single mom Eliza Howard has had some tough luck lately and just when she’s about to give up on her fresh start, a handsome stranger comes crashing into her life…literally! Aidan Cane has had some bad luck of his own recently, but when he meets Eliza he finds the opportunity to turn things around for the both of them. It was such a perfect set-up and I loved how they meet in a less than glamorous way.

The story of these two lonely hearts it super sweet and I really became invested in seeing these two end up with their very own happily-ever-after. They were extremely sympathetic characters and you can’t help but root for them. Again, the chemistry between Eliza and Aidan is crazy and it’s a fun ride to watch them fight their attraction for eachother…only to fail miserably! Because of its endearing story line and a romance that’s the perfect slow burn, I’m giving Snow Angel Cove four holiday elves!


I would definitely recommend these books to anyone who is looking to get into the spirit of the season. The swoons, the holiday cheer and the feel-good factor are high in all three, and they’re the perfect way to kick of your holiday season.


As you may know, this is my first year of blogging! It’s been such an amazing year and I’m so thrilled to be part of such a wonderful community. I’ve come to see my little corner of the internet as my home-base for all things amazing! It’s the place where I come to share with all of you my love for YA and other random things I tend to fangirl about! Basically, when you come to my place you’re going to a get a whole lot of flailing and excitement!

So as my way of wrapping up an amazing year, I decided it would be fun to invite fellow bloggers to my (virtual) house this holiday season to share some of their favorite things about this time of year. I was overwhelmed by all of the positive responses to my call for entries and am excited to host this “Open House” on my blog for the holidays. Myself as well as 12 other fantastic bloggers have come up with an exciting feature on What Sarah Read! Ladies and gentlemen, I give you…


Home for the Holidays starts this coming Monday and runs every week day until December 24th. Each blogger has written up a fun post about the holidays, whether it be their favorite recipe, book, holiday song, decorating ideas, traditions and much, much more. Trust me…you don’t want to miss the epic goodness headed your way! Here’s a schedule so you all can mark your calendars accordingly! Just come back to What Sarah Read each morning and you’ll be treated to a new post to put you in the perfect holiday mood!

December 8: GingerGReads!

December 9: Lindsey @ Bring My Books

December 10: Sajda @ Across the Words

December 11: Rachel @ Beauty and the Bookshelf

December 12: Morgan @ Gone with the Words

December 15: Andi @ Andi’s ABCs

December 16: Katie @ Spirit of Children’s Literature

December 17: Daphne @ Gone Pecan

December 18: Emma @ Miss Print

December 19: Lindsey @ A Bookish Sinister Kid

December 22: Jess @ Gone with the Words

December 23: Amanda & Holly @ Gun in Act One

December 24: Blogger Holiday Wishes

Sounds pretty fantastic right?! Trust me, you do not want to miss this feature! All of the guest posts are fun, informative and perfect for the holiday season. I hope to see you all here on Monday to help me kick off all of the fun!
Seasons Greetings!

Fangirl Friday: Around the Blogosphere

Happy Friday friends…hope you all had a great week and that you have fantastic plans for this weekend. I thought I’d take some time on this Fangirl Friday to share some of my favorite posts from the past week! There  were so many great reviews, special features and Top Ten lists, that I just had to come to my fangirl safe zone to flail and squee about them with all of you!

Special appearances from some rainbows, unicorns and a couple of kitties…because they make me smile!


TTT Header

Tuesday is one of my favorite days of the week since it gives me all sorts of amazing Top Ten Tuesday posts to pour over. This week was no exception, and I think I added approximately 148 new books to my TBR thanks to it! Top Ten Tuesday lists from Book Rock Betty, The Quiet Concert and Love at First Page contributed greatly to this increase in books, so I’ll just blame them when I become a total shut-in reading ALL.THE.BOOKS!

BBR Header

I really loved Famous in Love by Rebecca Serle and I thought the ladies over at Bookish Broads did and amazing job of re-capping and reviewing the book using their signature sass and wit…oh and perfect gif usage of course. Check out their review here!

Another book I’ve read recently that I really enjoyed was The Walled City by Ryan Graudin. Jamie over at Fic Fare gives us a fantastic review that really gets to the heart of the novel and what makes it so amazing!

Top Ten Clues You’re Clueless by Liz Czukas has been on my radar for a while now, and after reading this review on The Book Addict’s Guide,  I decided it’s a must read for me. I really enjoy how Brittany breaks down her reviews into sections that focus on characters, addiction factor and she even includes her status updates from Goodreads…so fun!


SF Header

The ridiculously awesome ladies over at Cuddlebuggery debuted a new look recently and as part of their celebration they are hosting a Getting to Know You Blog Hop that I decided to take part in! I had a blast pulling my post together and it’s been so great discovering new blogs and welcoming new visitors to my own blog!

Hannah at So Obsessed With and Alexa over at Alexa Love Books recently unveiled this AMAZING feature on both of their blogs called Fall Into Fantasy! I’ve been reading along with each of their posts and have found them so entertaining and seriously amazing! If you are a YA fantasy groupie like me, then this is a feature you cannot miss. Check out Hannah’s posts here and Alexa’s posts here!

Every week we are treated to a delicious little feature on Andi’s ABCs called “The ABCs with…”! This week it was Gail’s turn to share her current faves for Accessories, Books and Clothes, and I’m kind of obsessed with that necklace! I can’t wait for my turn to be featured on “The ABCs With…”! Stay tuned for that coming SOON!

Seriously, I can’t get enough of Jamie’s “New to the Queue” feature! Every once in a while she’ll pop into her blog, The Perpetual Page-Turner, to share her latest faves and current obsessions! This week she told us that she’s succumbed to all of the fangirling over The 100, which cracks me up because I’ve decided to watch it as well because of all the buzz it’s been getting in my Twitter feed lately!

BotR Header

Hopefully you all have submitted your votes for the Book Shimmy Awards! If you haven’t already be sure to head on over and vote in the semi-final round before Tuesday, November 25th! After that the finals start Wednesday, November 26 and we can all vote on the final four in each category! This is your chance to let your voice be heard, so you can fangirl from the roof tops!

My Friends are Fiction got an awesome new site design, so you should definitely check that out!

This gift giving guide from The Book Addict’s Guide has been a HUGE help in all the shopping I’m doing for all of the Secret Santa’s I’ve signed up for. There’s some great gift ideas in here for your favorite bookworm so be sure to head on over to beef up your shopping list!

What post had me cracking up this most this week? That would be The 21 Stages of Finding a New OTP from Cuddlebuggery! OMG…much funny! All the laughs! Best use of gifs EVAR…and we all know how much I love gifs!


 Hope you enjoyed my little tour of the interwebz this week.
What were some of your favorite posts?

Fangirl Friday: 182 days!

Tomorrow marks six months since I started What Sarah Read and I’m celebrating on the blog today! Six months…that’s 182 days since I started on this adventure! 182 days of making new friends, discovering new books and experiencing so many amazing things! When I shared my very first blog post with you guys, I had no idea how much FUN this would all be and how many amazing people I would meet who have become such dear friends of mine!

I want to give a special shout-out to some amazing bloggers, and friends, who’ve really gone out of their way to support, encourage and mentor me. Thank you from the very bottom of my heart you guys!


I also want to thank some supremely talented authors who’ve been so wonderful and friendly in my interactions with them. Being able to connect with my favorite authors has been one of the best parts of blogging. So thank you ladies for writing some of the best books out there…keep on doing your thing!!


I thought I would share some of my favorite Instagram photos I’ve posted over the past six months as a way to reminisce and celebrate how far I’ve come! So, in the past 182 days…

I’ve discovered some amazing books!


 I’ve attended THE.MOST.FUN book signings and events!

Generous friends have shared their coveted ARCs!


I’ve been gifted and have collected some ridiculous swag!


I’ve filled and overflowed my bookshelves (and bedroom floor)!


Finally, I’ve had some proud, milestone moments! Like the honor of having my blog recognized in a published novel (Exquisite Captive by Heather Demetrios) and receiving my first two ARCs from a pubilsher…thanks Bloomsbury!


I’m feeling very proud, excited and grateful today…thank you all so much to everyone for your love, support, guidance and enthusiasm. Without you this wouldn’t have been nearly as much fun! I can’t wait to see what the next six months brings!

Fangirl Friday: Leigh Bardugo Book Tour & EPIC Giveaway

I read the Grisha Trilogy earlier this year and as you can tell from my review of Ruin & Rising (one of my very first in fact), I absolutely loved it! I adored how Bardugo strung together the most exquisite sentences to create an amazing story set in the most gorgeous world. The characters she created for this trilogy are some of my very favorite literary characters, each and every one of them brings something so unique and special to the books.

When I heard that she would be going on a book tour for Ruin and Rising, and that one of the stops would be in my neck of the woods, I knew I had to go! So, this past Tuesday I made the 90 minute drive down to the “big city” to see one of my very favorite authors in person! It was a good day!

Because I left straight from work, I was about 20 minutes late for the 6pm start, but thankfully I was JUST in time for Leigh’s reading from her upcoming novel, Six of Crows, releasing October 2015. You guys, this book is going to be so amazing! The excerpt she read was just perfect and it was so cool to hear Leigh’s own tone and inflection when reading her work. I was mesmerized!

She then took some questions from the small (but very enthusiastic) crowd. It was so great to see so many excited, young readers there. You could tell how much they loved the books and how inspiring it was for them to be there. So many great questions were asked, and some fun facts that stand out in my mind are…

  • Leigh wrote the opening line of Shadow and Bone several times to get it just right!
  • The inspiration for the locations on her Six of Crows novel is vast and varied! Amsterdam, NYC, Vegas and many more. I think she may have even mentioned Venice! So cool!
  • One super fan (it was his birthday that night…so fun!) told Leigh that her books inspired him to learn Russian, which I thought was super cool!
  • A lot of times she gets inspirations for characters from people she knows in real life. How cool would it be to be one of those people!?

After a quick Q&A round it was time for the signing! The line moved pretty quickly and next thing I knew I was standing face-to-face with Leigh. I always get suuuuper nervous when meeting authors, but I think I handled myself pretty well and kept my fangirling in check.

I’d like to give my amazing husband a shout out because not only did he make the drive down with me to keep me company, but he also took some photos while I was in line.
What a guy!

Leigh was so kind and appreciative, and super funny as well! She signed all three of my books and even included some amazing quotes from each as inscriptions on the opposite page. I’m so excited to add these lovelies to my ever-growing author signed shelves. These look so gorg next to my signed Throne of Glass series! I get googly eyes every time I look at them all together.

Before I knew it, our visit was over and it was time to go home! So sad! BUT…not before I grabbed some of the amazing swag that Leigh was giving away, including that amazing Six of Crows dice game that everyone is obsessing over! Here’s a sneak peek…

Pretty amazing swag, right? Well…GUESS WHAT!! All of the items pictured above, plus one other super-secret goodie, could be yours!!
That’s right! I’m giving it all away!
Just click on the image below to enter – US only!


Fangirl Friday: Around the Blogosphere

I had a tough time coming up with a topic for this week’s Fangirl Friday. I’d been rattling my brain allll week and by Thursday afternoon I was starting to panic. I put a lot of pressure on myself to make sure that my Fangirl Friday posts are unique and fun to read, and was afraid I’d tapped myself out with last week’s epic post!


Then the idea hit me! I mean, I’m a total fangirl over all of my fellow book bloggers…
so why not feature them?!

Every day I click on their links and read their posts, and am soooo inspired by the creativity and love that goes into each and every one them. So this week, I thought I would share the love and highlight some of my favorite posts from the past week! Oh…and I decided to throw in a handful of New Girl gifs because, well, I love the show!


TTT HeaderI absolutely adored this weeks Top Ten Tuesday topic…it totally appeals to the travel bug in me and it was so much fun seeing all of the places other bloggers want to visit! GReads!, The Perpetual Page-Turner, and Writer of Wrongs had some of my favorites.


BBR HeaderFamous in Love by Rebecca Serle: I’ll be posting my review of this book soon, but in the meantime, I really enjoyed Jamie of Fic Fare‘s review and interview with the author!

My True Love Gave to Me edited by Stephanie Perkins: I’ve been not so patiently waiting for the release of this collection of holiday-themed short stories! Reading Jen at Fefferbook’s review has me even more anxious to start in on this one!

Exquisite Captive by Heather Demetrios: Gaby and Lisa have joined forces to create Bookish Broads and the result has been nothing short of amazing! For one of their first reviews they share their thoughts on one of my favorite books this year!


SF HeaderNot in the Script Blog Tour: Ginger from GReads! hosted a blog tour stop earlier this week and the topic was fascinating! It features a closer look into tabloid journalism and how it inspired the author while writing this book.

Paralell Time Loop Tour: leave it to Andi over at Andi’s ABCs to come up with this fantastic blog series featuring books about parallel lives and time travel. A bunch of amazing bloggers have guest posted on her blog and it’s been such a fun feature to follow along with.


BotR HeaderThird Time’s the Charm: I loved this post from Alexa Loves Books where she talks about her fun-filled trip to Orlando to celebrate being reunited with her fabulous hubby after being in a majorly long-distance relationship (US and Philipines!!!) for FOUR.YEARS!

Movie Thoughts: The Judge: I’ve been wanting to see this movie and I loved Gail’s review over at Ticket To Anywhere. It just confirmed my suspicions that this is a really great movie!

Life lately, according to my iPhone: Rachel over at Hello, Chelly shares some fun photos from her recent adventures. Including the Exquisite Captive book launch in NYC and a visit to The Morgan Library with Alexa Loves Books.

I hope you enjoyed my little recap this week! Be sure to check out the above-mentioned blogs on a regular basis (if you don’t already) because there’s always new and exciting things to read about! Have a great weekend!

Fangirl Friday: Special Edition Book Covers

It’s Friday you guys! Hopefully everyone else has a long weekend like I do and we can all get out there to soak up some adventure! I was inspired to write about this week’s topic after I saw an amazing Instagram video posted by Gillian (aka @mizgillianberry) of Writer of Wrongs

"I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers."

A post shared by Gillian Berry (@mizgillianberry) on

As a life-long lover of all things Anne Shirley, I immediately decided that my new goal in life is to get my hands on this gorgeous collection. It’s available through the Canadian bookseller Indigo and shipping to US is expensive but if you’re an Anne groupie like me, it’ll be totally worth it. After watching Gillian’s video approximately 546 times I started thinking about all of the other amazing special edition, collector’s edition or alternate book covers out there in the world, and decided I wanted to share some of my favorites with all of you.

The UK Covers or…”How come they get all the pretty ones?”

Can I ask you guys a question? Why is it that the UK always gets the most amazing covers? Seriously! The book gods must really have some love for the other side of the pond because I’m always swooning over how gorgeous UK covers are. For example, my two favorite YA Fantasy series (Throne of Glass and Daughter of Smoke and Bone) get some ridiculously amazing paperback versions in the UK. I mean…LOOK! Those covers are ridic right? I must have ALLLL of them…and I will. Someday!


 Cover Images Source: Book Depository

Rainbow Rowell gets BIG love when it comes to UK cover designs! She already has amazing covers anyway, but then the UK covers came along and I was all….WANT! I snagged a copy of the Fangirl Limited Edition hardcover pictured below and hope to someday round out my collection with the rest of the UK covers also pictured.

RainbowRowell CollageCover Images Source: Book Depository

Speaking of Rainbow Rowell, she has a short story featured in the upcoming release of My True Love Gave To Me, a collection of short stories by Stephanie Perkins, Holly Black, Ally Carter, Matt de la Peña, Gayle Forman, Jenny Han, David Levithan, Kelly Link, Myra McEntire, Rainbow Rowell, Laini Taylor and Kiersten White. Talk about a powerhouse roster of authors! Don’t get me wrong, the US cover is seriously cute, what with the hand drawn illustrations of each authors main characters ice skating on a pond, but when I saw the hot pink edges, gold foil lettering and RIBBON BOOKMARK of the UK version…I nearly fainted. Let’s just add ONE MORE UK edition I simply must have. I think I hear my wallet crying.


Image Source: Stephanie Perkins

The last group of UK covers I wanted to feature are the newly designed Harry Potter covers that were brought to my attention by the lovely Stacie over at A Wonderland of Reading. The illustrations on these covers are amazing, and to me they totally capture the legend and epic greatness of the Harry Potter novels. I admit, I have yet to read beyond the first book, but if I had these covers just sitting on my shelves it wouldn’t take long for me to grab one and start reading.

Harry Potter UK Collage
Cover Images Source: Bloomsbury

The Hunger Games Special Editions or…”OHH look! Shiny things!”

Whoa…you guys! Check out these insane Hunger Games covers! I mean….whaaaat?! I’m kind of obsessed with all of them! The top right covers are only available in Australia and New Zealand apparently, but the other two are easy enough to get your hands on. The gorgeous, shiny gold cover is for sale over at Book Depository, as are the bold, graphic beauties pictured on bottom right.

Image Sources (clockwise from top right): My Hunger Games, & Book Depository

The In Bloom Collection by Puffin or…”These covers make me squee!”

The second I heard about this collection, I zipped right over to Amazon and placed a pre-order for Anne of Green Gables. I’ve always been a huge fan of Anna Bond’s designs and when I saw she did this sweet collection I was thrilled. I plan on collecting the whole series, but for now I just stare lovingly at my copy of Anne of Green Gables.

riflepapercoCom - IN BLOOM

Image Source: Rifle Paper Co. 

 The Puffin Chalk Collection or…”OMG, these are the coolest!”

Seriously? I mean…are these covers for real? I can’t even process these! The illustrations are soooo detailed and the typography fits each title so perfectly! I would like one of each please. Oh…and Morgan over at Gone with the Words will be added to the list of reasons I am broke, for suggesting I check out this collection. THANKS MORGAN!
Puffin Chalk Collage

Cover Images Source: Puffin Chalk

Penguin Threads or…”These may be the sweetest covers ever!”

When I saw these covers, I couldn’t get over how darling they are and loved the unique illustrations. Then upon further inspection I noticed that the illustrations were in fact reproductions of hand-stitched artwork! Say what? Amazing! They are perfection.

Penguin Threads Collage

Cover Images Source: Penguin Threads

Penguin Drop Caps or…”I heart typography!”

Ummm…can we talk for a minute about how delicious these covers are? Penguin really knows how to bring it with all of these unbelievably gorgeous covers. I can’t get over how exquisite the typography is for each book. Simply stunning! Thanks to Amy from Tripping Over Books for bringing my attention to this delicious collection.


 Cover Images Source: Penguin Drop Caps

Penguin Hardcover Classic or…”Graphics make me swoon!”

These beauties have always caught my eye whenever I spy them online or in the bookstore. The spines are so lovely and the intricate designs are carried right over the fold and onto the cover. Even better…these are cloth bound books so they are extra luxurious. At least one of these should be a staple in every book lovers library!

Images Source: CB-Smith

Are you guys still with me? Or did you pass out from all of the gasping! If you own any of these special editions let me know in the comments below. Did I miss any of your favorites?