Top Ten…2014 Releases I Meant To Read But Didn’t

I read a LOT of books in 2014! 102 to be exact, and considering I only read FOUR books in 2013, I would say that I was able to cover a lot of ground last year. I was shocked though, when I went to Goodreads to start pulling together my Top Ten list for this week and discovered just how many 2014 releases I never got to.

Source: The Broke and The Bookish

Source: The Broke and The Bookish

Before I even hit July, I had eleven books that I meant to read last year and never did. Such a sad statistic! I was finally able to work my way down to a top ten and here are my final selections.


Snow Like Ashes / Red Rising / A Mad Wicked Folly
Dreams of Gods and Monsters / Cruel Beauty / Boomerang
The Chance You Won’t Return / Threats of Sky and Sea
The Art of Lainey / The Kiss of Deception

How many books did you not get to last year? Are any of them listed here? I’d love to hear in the comments below.


Top Ten…Most Anticipated Debut Novels For 2015

Happy New Year friends! Here we are at the beginning of a fresh new year with so many amazing things on the horizon. I, for one, am super excited for this year and all of the possibilities it has in store for me. So today I’m wishing all of you all the best in 2015 and that it’s filled with lots of wonderful bookish things!

Source: The Broke and The Bookish

Source: The Broke and The Bookish

Speaking of books and new possibilities, this is an exciting year for so many debut authors. There are a ton of books coming out this year that sound absolutely fantastic, and today I’m sharing some of them with you here.

So, for my first Top Ten Tuesday of the year, I give you my most anticipated debut novels of 2015!


Anne and Henry / Becoming Jinn / An Ember in the Ashes
When Reason BreaksRed Queen / Tiny Pretty Things
The Night We Said YesMagonia / Dead To Me / The Witch Hunter

Top Ten…Goals for 2015

Here it is friends…my last Top Ten list of 2014! What a year it has been and I am so thankful for each and every one of you for your support and encouragement. 2014 has been an AMAZING year for me and I am so excited to see what 2015 has in store.

Source: The Broke and The Bookish

Source: The Broke and The Bookish

Reflecting on 2014 has been a great way for me to plan for 2015, and today I’ll be sharing the goals I’ve come up with for 2015. You’ll notice that a lot of my goals are related to my blog. I started What Sarah Read in May of 2014 and I never could have imaged how far I’d come in seven months! This blog and the experiences I have gained from it, are some of the best things that have ever happened to me…it’s honestly one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

So, 2015 will be the year of taking my little blog to the next level. I’m SO ready to take the next step and create a more established and legitimate blog, and that can only be accomplished through achieving the goals I have set out below. Wish me luck you guys…I have a LOT of work ahead of me but I’m super excited about it.

General Reading Goals

  • Read 105 books – I read 101 books this year and I’m thinking even though I’d like to challenge myself for 2015, I also need to be realistic. 2015 has the potential to be super busy due to a potential job move, so I want to make sure I don’t over extend myself.


  • Read 40 Fantasy novels – this should be pretty easy since I read close to 50 fantasy novels this year! It’ll be fun to make it an official goal and take part in the Flights of Fantasy reading challenge created by Alexa and Rachel!
  • Organize my Goodreads shelves – My organization system on Goodreads needs some help. Not quite sure what it needs or how to get there but I’m hoping to figure that out this year so my shelves can make a little more sense.

Blog specific goals

  • Write reviews within five days of finishing a book – I’m super guilty of sitting on books after I finish them and not working on the review right away. I’m hoping by sticking to this goal that I can write more thoughtful and comprehensive reviews.
  • Add a new original feature to the blog – I love all the creativity I see from other bloggers and I’m hoping to use it as inspiration for my own original feature on the blog. Would love to debut a fresh and fun recurring post to share with all of you in 2015!


  • Create list system to better manage posting schedule – I have a solid system for tracking my TBR by using a paper planner/calendar, but would like a system that will help me keep track of what posts I still need to write and all the additional tasks that come with that. I found out about Wunderlist from Hannah over at So Obsessed With and it’s been a great tool. Can’t wait to see how it helps with my 2015 posting schedule.
  • Learn simple HTML – I’m thinking it would be a good idea to be somewhat knowledgable in HTML since I do have a blog and all.
  • Attend BEA in NYC – Keeping my fingers crossed that I’m able to pull this trip off. It would be my first time at BEA and I think it would be a really great experience and an awesome way to make some fantastic connections. I’m pretty sure I’ll have this expression throughout the entire week!


  • Comment, comment, comment – I’m SO guilty of not staying on top of not only commenting on other people’s blogs but also to responding to comments on my own posts. It’s awful and I need to get better about it. This is one of my top priority goals for 2015.
  • Invest in custom blog design – I knew when I started my blog that I wouldn’t invest in a custom design until I was at least one year in. I just wanted to make sure it was something I was going to commit to and also enjoy before I made such a large investment. Now that I’m 7+ months in and I’m so committed to my blog and loving what I do, I find myself thinking more and more about a new design. Can’t wait to get that started this spring!
There you have it…my top ten goals for 2015. I know it’s going to be a lot of work but I’m committed and prepared to do what it takes to make my blog the very best it can be! What are some tips and tricks you may have for me? Any motivational words?
I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

Top Ten…Books On My Holiday Wishlist

Christmas is almost here, Christmas is almost here! Only two short days to go and I FINALLY have all of my shopping done. I totally cut it WAY t0o close this year and am actually waiting for one more thing to come in from Amazon tomorrow, a hard cover copy of Throne of Glass for my non-reader sister-in-law. I am bound and determined to turn her into a reader so I bought her three YA novels that I’m hoping will convert her…

  • Throne of Glass – the first book in one of my all-time fave YA series, YAY!
  • Just One Day – one of my fave YA romances, so swoony!
  • Shiver – I actually haven’t read this one YET but based on the fact that she HAS read (and enjoyed) Vampire Diaries I thought she might like this one too!

I’m hoping she loves these books, even though weren’t necessarily on her Christmas list! Speaking of Christmas lists…that’s the topic for this week’s Top Ten Tuesday!

Source: The Broke and The Bookish

Source: The Broke and The Bookish

I  started working on this post about a month ago because my husband asked for a list of books I really wanted for Christmas. Little did I know that I would be fortunate enough to receive FIVE of the books I was wishing for, so I had to go back and update my list a bit for you!

As you’ll see I have a few ARCs (Advance Reader’s Copy) on my list and at first I thought about not including them, but if anyone can make some Christmas magic happen it’s good ol’ Saint Nick. As you can see, he pulled some strings and came through in a BIG way! I was also lucky enough to be spoiled rotten by a few Secret Santas this year and got three additional titles that were on my wishlist. Needless to say…I’m a happy woman!


A Court of Thorns and Roses / The Heart of Betrayal / These Broken Stars
The Sea of Tranquility / Lion Heart / I’ll Meet You ThereLittle House series / Throne of Glass #4The KingStrange and Ever After

PS – YES! I realize the fourth book in the Throne of Glass series is still like nine months away…but I WANNNNNT ITTTTT!

Top Ten 2014 Releases

I have to confess…I kinda cheated with this week’s top ten list! A couple of weeks ago, I debuted my Best of 2014 post as part of Ginger at GReads! giveaway hop! So for this week, I basically took that post and re-worked it for Top Ten Tuesday this week! I read so many amazing books that came out in 2014 and I am so excited to share my favorites with you.

Source: The Broke and The Bookish

Source: The Broke and The Bookish

So, here they are in no particular order!
My top ten favorite books that released in 2014!

2014 Faves 12014 faves 3

2014 Faves 4

2014 faves 2

Exquisite Captive by Heather Demetrios
Jinni, swoony times and all the feels! / see my review

Ruin and Rising by Leigh Bardugo
This book ripped my heart out in the best possible way! / see my review

Mortal Heart by Robin LaFevers
A heart-wrenching series conclusion! Did somebody say assassin nuns? / see my review

Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas
An epic book filled with epic moments and epic characters! EPIC! / see my review

Open Road Summer by Emery Lord
An amazing debut novel about two loyal BFFs and one swoony boy! / see my review

What I Thought Was True by Huntley Fitzpatrick
A summer love story and New England treat! / see my review

Princess of Thorns by Stacey Jay
Finished this one last night and I’m totally obsessed! Fantasy YA at its finest! / see my review

All Broke Down by Cora Carmack
Proceed with caution…there’s sexy times ahead! / see my review

Something Real by Heather Demetrios
A mysterious not-so-badboy rescues a reluctant reality star! Feels everywhere! / see my review

Isla and the Happily Ever After by Stephanie Perkins
A perfect conclusion to a perfect series! / see my review

Do you see some of your faves on this list? Which one is YOUR fave from my top ten? Share your thoughts in the comments below and thanks for stopping by!

Top Ten…New-To-Me Authors I Read In 2014

You guys…only SIXTEEN days until Christmas and only ONE WEEK until Hanukkah! After that it’s like a minute until New Year’s Eve. Where has the time gone? I’m hoping that you’re all enjoying your holiday season and that where ever you may be, that you’re staying safe, happy and warm! My husband and I are currently preparing for a big storm to hit our area which always seems to happen this time of year! When the weather gets like this, all I want to do is get my wood stove roaring and curl up with a good book by an amazing author, like the ones in my top ten list today.

Source: The Broke and The Bookish

Source: The Broke and The Bookish

As some of you may know, I’m new to Young Adult books as of this year, so pretty much every author is a new author to me. I’ve read so many fantastic books in 2014 by so many fantastic authors, so it was pretty difficult for me to narrow it down to just ten! I buckled down though and managed to come up with a list of ten ridiculously talented women who are also suppppper kind to their readers! Needless to say, they’re all the perfect package…beauty, brains and sass for days!

source: goodreads

source: goodreads

Sarah J. MaasAC GaughenEmery LordHeather DemetriosLeigh Bardugo
Cora CarmackHuntley Fitzpatrick / Stephanie PerkinsLaini TaylorRae Carson

Pretty epic list of female authors right? This is just a small list of authors I fell in love with this year. If given free rein I could have easily come up with ten more! Did I list one of your faves?

Top Ten…Books I’m Looking Forward To In 2015

Happy Tuesday everybody! Before I jump in to my top ten list this week can we please just talk about the fact that it’s December 2nd?? Ummm…how did that happen? I mean, there’s only TWENTY NINE days left in the year!! TWENTY NINE DAYS for me to read 10 books in order to meet my Goodreads goal of 100! EEEP! I really need to buckle down and read, so if you see me hanging out on Twitter feel free to shame me and tell me to get reading!

Source: The Broke and The Bookish

Source: The Broke and The Bookish

This week’s lists is a glorious list of amazingness, and I can hardly contain myself! Soooo many amazing books are coming out next year and all of the ones listed below are most definitely on my TBR for 2015! Today I give you my most eagerly awaited 2015 releases!!!

2015 most wanted

A Court of Thorns and Roses / Things We Know By Heart / I’ll Meet You There
The Start of Me and You / The Orphan Queen /  An Ember in the Ashes
Lion Heart / The Winner’s Crime / The Heir / Red Queen / I Was Here

*Spoiler Alert: I’ve already read I’ll Meet You There and The Start of Me and You and they are everything I ever wanted them to be and more! I heart them HARD CORE!

Nobody noticed that I slipped an 11th book in there right? OK…good! Ummm…I’d also like to slip in three more books that I am eagerly anticipating but don’t have covers yet. These are three BIG ones too so I’m practically jumping out of my skin waiting for cover reveals! They are…

Throne of Glass #4 / Six of Crows / All Played Out

Seriously…I don’t think I can take much more anticipation! I need ALL OF THE DETAILS!

I can’t take much more anticipation! I need ALL OF THE DETAILS!

Let’s chat…what are your most anticipated 2015 releases? Did any of mine make your list too? Are you having as hard a time as I am waiting for these books to come out and make the world a better place?