Fangirl Friday: Craft’ed Bookmarks

I was wracking my brain over the holiday season, trying to think of the perfect gifts to get my bookish buddies. Whenever I find myself seriously stumped for gift ideas I always turn to my trusted friends at Etsy! You can legitimately find ANYTHING there, whether it’s for yourself or a friend, the perfect gift is always waiting.

You can imagine my glee when I stumbled upon the shop for Craft’ed…a gloriously quirky and adorable store of handmade magnetic bookmarks. As I started to scroll through the options available I knew I’d struck gold. I’m sure you can guess by now that I bought ALL OF THE BOOKMARKS and gave them as gifts, and let me tell you, people loved them! I mean, check out the selection!


Even better is that this store was created by two besties who turned their mutual love of crafting into something so much more. I had the chance to get to know Erica and Diana of Craft’ed after my slew of fangirl tweets over their bookmarks, and decided to have a little informal Q&A so we could all get to know them a little better!

Pssst! Keep reading after the Q&A for a special treat for ALL of my readers!
Plus…a chance to win some amazing prizes!



How did you come up with the idea for Craft’ed?

We have been friends since high school and always had a mutual affinity for crafting! Anything from scrapbooking, dollar store trips to find inspiration on what to make next, knitting, crocheting, gift giving ideas, to Halloween costumes! One day, Diana came up with the idea to give her boyfriend a set of polaroid magnetic bookmarks as he loved polaroid cameras! Other people at craft fairs liked our bookmark idea and wanted them as well! From that point on, the addiction started and we have been creating new designs, focusing on magnetic bookmarks and cards 🙂

Where do you come up with the ideas for designs? Are they fandoms that you’re already a part of or are they inspired by other things?

A bit of both! Diana is the master designer and is always coming up with fun inspirations. Recently, we looked to our Instagram followers to figure out which designs might be the most popular! From that, came our New York and London bookmarks. Thanks Instagrammers!

What are some of your personal all-time favorite designs?

It’s so tough to decide since we love them all!!! Diana especially loves the Paris set 🙂 Erica loves the snail mail and nurse sets!!

What has been your favorite memory or experience since you started Craft’ed?

Our favourite memory has probably been our very first craft fair!!! That’s when we first starting selling our bookmarks, along with other stuff too – knitted/crocheted items, ornaments, and notebooks! The thrill of a first sale, someone loving what you made, is a pretty amazing feeling. Since then, we LOVE going to craft fairs! It’s so fun meeting customers and hearing what they think!!!

What does 2015 have in store for Craft’ed? Any new designs or products on the horizon that you’d like to share with your fans?

Funny you ask, we have just created a new design plan for 2015, full of funny, cute, and inspirational bookmarks! Most geared towards readers, some geared towards planners. We have a VERY special different product that may come later in the year, but we’ll keep that one a surprise 😉


So, now that I’ve hyped up these adorable and amazing bookmarks, you totally want a set of your very own don’t you? Well, thankfully Erica and Diana are super generous (thank you ladies!!) and they’ve provided a COUPON CODE for 10% off at their Etsy store to all of my lovely readers! All you have to do is enter the following code when you’re checking out and the discount will be applied! The coupon code is….WHATSARAHREAD10

And to make this Fangirl Friday post even MORE epic…

Giveaway Header

I’ll draw one name for a GRAND PRIZE giveaway where the winner (US OR CANADA) can choose $20 (US Dollars) worth of product from the Craft’ed store on Etsy! That’s right, you’ll go online and select which products you want, I’ll order them and they’ll be delivered right to your door!!

But wait…there’s MORE! Again, thanks to the generosity of Erica and Diana, I have TWO MORE amazing prizes (US & CANADA)! I’ll draw a second name and that person will win this set of London-themed bookmarks. The latest design in their perfectly adorable line-up!


After that, I’ll draw a third name and they’ll receive this seriously cute cactus bookmark.



Find Craft’ed online at: Etsy / Website / Twitter
Instagram / Facebook / Pinterest


9 thoughts on “Fangirl Friday: Craft’ed Bookmarks

  1. Their bookmarks are sooooo adorable! The main reason I haven’t bought any yet is because I can’t decide what to get- so many good choices 🙂 The Q/A was really fun and thanks for the giveaway also!

  2. Im so bummed I didn’t check my feed earlier and saw this post! I literally just bought a bookmark from Craft’ed this morning and would have loved that coupon code. Sad day! Oh, well. I’m still pretty excited about my purchase. I got the Sherlock bookmark for my big Sherlock Holmes bind-up!

  3. OMG I am DYING from all this cuteness!!! AHHHH I absolutely love Etsy and found several gifts for Christmas on there also. You are correct, they have EVERYTHING. But I haven’t run across these yet. I will definitely have to order soon though because I’m loving it!

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