Home for the Holidays with Amanda and Holly from Gun in Act One

Today’s Home for the Holidays post comes from sisters Holly and Amanda who blog about books over at Gun in Act One. I’ve always wondered what it’s like for people who have to celebrate their birthdays on or around Christmas, so we have Holly to tell you all about how to spend your holiday-birthday.

Holidays header

In the spirit of the holiday season, my dear sister signed us up to write a holiday-book-blog post. And then, in order to do something different, she said, “oh, ‘’let’s write about holiday-birthdays!” Only one of us has a birthday that falls halfway between Christmas and New Year’s. Only one of us has been told for  years that if she was born a boy, she would be stuck with the name Rudolph. Guess who?

So, I asked her (about five minutes after this post was supposed to be written), dude, what is this supposed to be about? Holidays and books makes sense. Birthday holidays makes sense. Birthdays and books, even. But, holiday birthdays and books? #whatdidyousignmeupforsister

Then of course, I turned to the internet for inspiration,
and found some things like this:


and this…


Which made me realize [insert sweeping generalization here] that there are two kinds of people with birthdays that fall on or around Christmas or the holiday season: those who feel cheated because they share the birthday spotlight with 8 lb, 6 oz baby Jesus…

baby jesus

…and those who don’t.

I’m quite sure that my family made an appropriately big deal of my birthday when I was just a young Jolly Holly, but as an adult, I’m sort of over birthdays (yeah, your’s too).

bday card

My new favorite image ever / Source

So with that I offer you, oh readers, a list of ways to spend your holiday-birthday if you’re in the “I don’t really need a 10 piece orchestra and someone jumping out of a cake to celebrate my 29+ birthday” camp (aka Camp Birthday Grinch).

How To Spend Your (or your loved one’s) Holiday Birthday

  • Movie Marathons: If you want a quiet, non-holiday-related way to spend your holiday birthday, why not relax with some good movies – maybe The Hunger Games (watch the first two at home, and then go see #3 in the theater – that would be a happy item on my holiday/birthday list this year!), The Godfather Trilogy, or The Bourne movies. I’m not saying you have to watch them all on one day, but the holidays are a good time for movie-watching when you’re partied-out. [Bonus points for me for working books – or at least book-related-movies – into this post!]
  • Find your birthday deals: Starbucks will give you a free drink during your birthday month! Stores will give you special deals (Anthropologie just sent me 15% off and I’m sure there are more to be found). I may be pro-understated birthday celebrations, but I also like free coffee as much (maybe more) than the next guy.
  • Game Night: If you want a slightly more social activity than #1, invite a few friends over for a game night. I know, that’s a bit cheesy for some, but there is no better time to embrace a little bit of cheesy than the month of December! (And if you need a ridiculous game, my newest fave is Telestrations. Google it. It’s a thing.
  • Drive around and look at Christmas lights: If you’re the friend/family of a holiday-birthdayer, please do not suggest this activity for someone who hates to share the holiday/birthday limelight. For me, there is somehow never enough time to go on one of those driving routes with all the best decorations before Christmas, so I’d be a-okay to include this in my birthday evening.
  • Order Takeout: During December, it seems like more days than not include holiday-related-food-functions, between work, friends, and family. I love Christmas cookies and I love traditional Christmas Prime Rib (is that just us?), and growing up I really loved when my Dad would make barbecued ribs for my birthday dinner – on a cold December night in Chicago. These days (unless I’m within my Dad’s grilling range), I am all for ordering pizza. Zero effort, no dishes, extra cheese. Happy Birthday to Me.

Amanda: You’re welcome Holly for this opportunity to really reflect on your birthday before the actual day of celebration.  Does that count for my gift to you?  I’ll take your list of suggestions into account the next time we’re together on the big day! XOXO



This post totally cracks me up….ahhhh the struggles of holiday-birthday! I’m loving all of the celebration ideas, they’d be a blast even if it’s NOT your birthday! Make sure you stop by the blog tomorrow, as it’s the very last day of Home for the Holidays (sad face) and I’ll be sharing mine, as well as all of the other guest bloggers bookish wishes this holiday season.  See you all tomorrow!


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